Precedent Presentation – Pianu.

Precedent Presentation – Pianu.

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What is the Pianu?

Pianu is an online interactive that somewhat informs and teaches the user on how to play the piano. It runs entirely in your computer’s browser, without any software. The site provides different levels of teaching, purely based on the user’s requirements.


Target Audience.

Pianu isn’t solely based towards a particular audience, in fact, due to the sites versatility in terms of difficulty/levels and the use of either your keyboard or a real instrument, it’s really focussed towards any audience with an interest in learning piano. Pianu offers a song directory, which is a list of songs ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert, progressing in difficulty. There’s also a service called Pianu Academy, this is where they offer interactive lessons, and a lesson plan that begins with the basics of the piano all the way up to playing complex pieces, step by step, in order for users to learn at their own pace.


What knowledge did they assume of target audience?

Pianu assumes that the users have at least an extremely basic knowledge of a piano, and how to play. The site accommodates for users of all levels, beginner to expert, if you know how a piano should be played (by pressing the keys), everything should be straight forward from there.


User Interactivity.

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This site offers an abundance of interactivity, including menus, buttons and sound. The main interaction within the site arises through the tutorials.  The tutorials act like a, in the fact that the keys you should press come down from the top of your screen and when they land on the key, you should press it and hold until the next note comes down. During the tutorials there are also pop-up menu’s located towards the left of the screen, in which are used to toggle and therefore customise the site to suit the user.

Visual Design, Layout, Colour and Typography.

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The site’s design is minimalistic, yet engaging. The graphics included in Pianu, are mostly flat design, with the exception of a couple of photographs. The layout is simple and easy to navigate, which is aided by the limited colour palette as well as the easily identifiable graphics.


  • higher contrast between typography and background colour

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